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Unique Irish Heraldry Design Perfect For Celebrating St Pattys Day

Majestic design in deep, rich Irish colors. Very rare t-shirt design only available right here

Rare Irish Heraldry shirt design in dark majestic colors of Ireland. The Irish Heraldry design features a broad shield graced with an attacking dragon and four stars. The shield is in deep greens, silver and gold. Wrapped around the shield are majestic wings and floral accents in deep green colors. The design is certainly fetching and makes a great shirt for St Pattys Day, but not only that, this shirt is certainly worthy of wearing just about anytime.

Many of our shirts designed specifically for St. Pattys Day can obviously be worn throughout the year but this Irish Heraldry shirt offers so much style and sophistication it would be a shame to only enjoy it one day out of the year.

We have many different Irish Heraldry shirt styles, colors and sizes for just about anyone in the family. We offer a sampling of our Irish Heraldry shirts here but there are even more available by clicking the large image to the right or the button near the bottom of this page. Get your Irish Heraldry shirt now before the holiday arrives!

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The origin and history of heraldry

There are various ideas about the origin of heraldic arms. As early as predynastic Egypt, an emblem known as a serekh was used to indicate the extent of influence of a particular regime, sometimes carved on ivory labels attached to trade goods, but also used to identify military allegences as well as other ways.

Ancient warriors often decorated their shields with patterns and mythological motifs. These symbols could be used to identify the warriors when their faces were obscured by helmets. Army units of the Roman Empire were identified by the distinctive markings on their shields.

Though heraldry is about 900 years old, it's still in use today. Many cities and towns in Europe and around the world still make use of arms.


Irish Heraldry
Irish Heraldry Irish Heraldry Irish Heraldry

Adult Value T-shirt

Yellow American Apparel T-shirt Lime Green Adult T-shirt
Irish Heraldry Irish Heraldry Irish Heraldry

Adult Long Slv Raglan (4 colors)

Mens Ringer (7 colors) Ladies Fitted L. Slv. (3 colors)
Irish Heraldry Irish Heraldry Irish Heraldry

Adult T-shirt (stone green)

Adult Dark T-shirt (7 colors) American Apparel (heather grey)
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