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Hooligan Shirt Packs A Lot Of Irish Attitude

Cool vintage sports design makes this Irish Hooligan Shirt a great addition to your St Pattys Day collection

Vintage Hooligan Shirt design with beautiful Irish accents and colors. Hooliganism refers to unruly, destructive and aggressive behavior commonly associated with sports fans, particularly world football (soccer to us in the US). Hooligan can also apply to general rowdy behavior often under the influence of alcohol.

Our Hooligan Shirt is pretty rowdy but you don't have to swill booze and pick bar fights to enjoy the cool Irish Hooligan Shirt design on your chest. After all, St Pattys Day is always around the corner and on that beautiful day, we call all be Irish Hooligans.

Our Hoolidan Shirt design is featured on many cool shirt styles, colors and sizes for just about anybody in the family. We have our Hooligan Shirt design on a few cool collectibles too. The sampling on the right are only a few of the Hooligan shirt styles we offer. Click the large hooligan shirt at the top right to see them all!

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Where Did The Word, "Hooligan' Originate?

There's actually several theories about the origin of the word hooligan or hooliganism. The Oxford English Dictionary says that Hooligan may originate from a fictional rowdy Irish family in a music hall song of the late 1800s. Clarance Rook, in his 1899 book entitled "Hooligan Nights," claimed that the word came from Patrick Hoolihan (or Hooligan), who was an Irish bouncer and thief who lived in London.

Another writer, Earnest Weekly, wrote that "The original hooligans were a spirited Irish family of that name whose proceedings enlivened the drab monotony of life in Southwark about fourteen years ago". Another theory is that the word came from the name of a street gang in Islinton named Hooley and then another theory is that "Hooligan" is based on the Irish word, 'houlie', meaning "a wild, spirited party."


Hooligan Shirt
Hooligan Adult White Value T-shirt shirt Hooligan (Yellow) American Apparel shirt Hooligan (Lime) Adult Unisex T-shirt shirt

Adult Value T-shirt

Yellow American Apparel T-shirt Lime Green Adult T-shirt
Hooligan (Forest) American Apparel Shirt shirt Hooligan (Pink) Ladies Long Sleeve Tee shirt Hooligan (Black) Ladies Fashion Twofer shirt

Dark Forest American Apparel

Ladies Pink Long Sleeve Fitted Ladies Black Twofer
Hooligan (Stone Green) Adult T-shirt shirt Hooligan (7 colors) Adult Dark T-shirt shirt Hooligan (6 colors) Ladies Ringer shirt

Adult T-shirt (stone green)

Adult Dark T-shirt (7 colors) Ladies Ringer Tee
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