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St Pattys Day Shirt :: Get Pimped For The Big Day

Hilarious Leprechaun shirt design is loaded with St Pattys Day fun!

St Pattys Day t-shirts are all about fun and wearing the green. You want to face the day pimped to the nines and we have the perfect shirt to do just that. Our St Paddy's Day Pimpin shirt is loaded with great Irish greens and golds and features a pimped out Leprechaun, complete with gold caps ready to bust a grind.

St Paddys Day Pimpin is available on a wide range of cool shirts for men, women and kids too. The fun St Pattys Day shirts here are only a small sampling of St Paddys Day Pimpin products available. We even have some St Pattys Day gifts, posters and collectibles too.

See all our St Paddy's Day Pimpin' products by clicking on the large image on the right or the button near the bottom of this page.

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Introducing Leprechaun

A Leprechaun is a type of Fairy from Irish folklore, usually taking the form of an old man wearing red or green who enjoys mischief primarily. Like other fairy creatures leprechauns have been linked to Tuatha De Danann of Irish mythology. Leprechauns while away their days making shoes and sacking away their coins in an hidden pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If captured by a human, they have the magical power to grant three wishes to be released.

The leprechaun is said to be a solitary creatures, whose principal occupation is making and mending shoes and who enjoys practical jokes. According to William Butler Yeats, the great wealth of the fairies comes from the "treasure-crocks, buried of old in war-time, which they have uncovered and appropriated. According to McAnally the leprechaun is the son of an "evil spirit" and a "degenerate fairy" and is "not wholly good nor wholly evil".


St Pattys Day Shirt
St Paddys Day Pimpin $16.95 Adult T-shirt shirt St Paddys Day Pimpin $21.95 (Gold) Adult T-shirt shirt SPD Pimpin $23.95 (Lime) Ladies Baby Doll Tee shirt

Adult Value T-shirt

Adult T-shirt (gold)
Ladies Petite Tee (lime green)
St Paddys Day Pimpin $26.95 Mens Raglan shirt St Paddys Day Pimpin $23.95 Ladies Ringer shirt SPD Pimpin $26.95 (Pink) Ladies Fitted Long Slv shirt

Adult Long Slv Raglan (4 colors)

Ladies Ringer (6 colors)
Ladies Fitted L. Slv. (pink)
St Paddys Day Pimpin $21.95 (Gold) Adult T-shirt shirt St Paddys Day Pimpin $24.95 Adult Dark Tshirt shirt SPD Pimpin $25.95 (Blue) American Apparel shirt

Adult T-shirt (gold)

Adult Dark T-shirt (7 colors)
American Apparel (blue)
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