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Irish Fight Club Shirts Look Cool And Grungy For St Pattys Day

Put yer dukes up, pally!

Fight Cub shirts just send the right kind of message in almost every instance and our Irish Fight Club shirts are even better than most. Whether you are the 90lb weakling or the bad-ass of the walk, our Irish Fight Club t-shirts are a terrific warning to strangers saying "keep your distance, you don't want any of this, just walk on by."

Our Fight Club shirt features a cool Iirsh Fight Club logo with boxing gloves and awesome vintage distressing on the graphic to give it that cool weathered look. The design is in a rich green which looks great on all the shirt styles we have to offer.

We have our Irish Fight Club shirts available for men and women and in every size, style or color you could ever want.

Check out all our cool Irish Fight Club shirt styles by clicking on the grey button at the bottom of this page but in the mean-time, here are a few of what we have to offer.


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Where did the term "Fighting Irish" come from?

Although it's true that the Notre Dame football team are known as the "Fighting Irish", the name did not originate with the famous college football squad.

The term "Fighting Irish" actually originated in the American Civil War. The handle traces back to a Union infantry brigade made up of entirely Irish immigrants and known as "The Irish Brigade".

The Irish Brigade was made up of th 69th NY, 63rd NY, 88th NY, 116th Pennsylvania and the 28th Mass. Infantry Regiments, but was dubbed "The Fighting Irish" by regiment members shortly after it's formation.


Irish Fight Club
Irish Fight Club Irish Fight Club Irish Fight Club

Adult Value T-shirt

Yellow American Apparel T-shirt Lime Green Adult T-shirt
Irish Fight Club Irish Fight Club Irish Fight Club

Adult Long Slv Raglan (4 colors)

Mens Black Long Sleeve Ladies Fitted L. Slv. (3 colors)
Irish Fight Club Irish Fight Club Irish Fight Club

Adult T-shirt (stone green)

Adult Dark T-shirt (7 colors) Adult T-shirt (gold)
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