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I Smell Like Strippers Shirt

Funny t-shirt saying proudly displays your affections for working mothers.

We aren't really too sure if strippers smell any different than anyone else. One would think that being in such close proximity to their clientele, strippers would smell nice and pretty. Maybe it's really determined on the quality of stripping establishments you tend to frequent. So with this t-shirt we salute the gyrating fantasy ladies of the stripping pole and their apparent unique odor.

This is a very funny shirt and even makes a terrific gag gift as well. I smell like strippers looks really great on light color shirts only and we have tons to choose from.

Try our I Smell Like Strippers design on any number of great light colored shirts we have available!

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I Smell Like Strippers
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I smell like strippers tee is a perfect gag gift for bachelor parties and lots of other gift giving occasions too.

Give your pastor or priest one for their birthdays and ummm, watch the laughter ensue!

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