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Zombieland Shirt

New Zombieland Shirt reminds you of a very important rule to survive the zombie apocalypse.

You've seen the mistake made time and time again in almost every horror movie ever made. The hero or heroin kills the zombie and then forgets it when suddenly said zombie gets up and nom noms on hero's jugular.

Don't make the same mistake in the coming zombie apocalypse. Remember Rule #2. Double Tap that ugly undead ass with a high powered ballistic weapon of your choosing.

There's nothing wasted in an extra shell to the cranium during the zombie apocalypse and this funny Zombieland shirt will help you remember one of the most important rules.

We have our hilarious Zombieland Shirt design on loads of cool shirt styles for men, women and kids. Lots of styles and colors to choose from

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Zombieland Shirt- Rule #2 Double Tap
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Zombieland Shirt
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