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'Youll shoot your eye out' haunts children's christmas nightmares

Introducing our first line of shirts and gifts inspired by the film, A Christmas Story!

Our 'Youll Shoot Your Eye Out' line of shirts are inspired by one of the most beloved holiday films of all time, A Christmas Story starring Peter Bililngsley. The film is now as much a mainstay in American holiday films as any other and for this reason we designed 'Youll Shoot Your Eye Out.'

Youll Shoot Your Eye Out is something every kid dreads to hear wheather they want a Red Ryder BB gun, a high powered slingshot or bow and arrow's always heard, Youll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid!

Youll Shoot Your Eye Out is a really funny design and looks great on either light or dark materials and we have lots to choose from as well as a few gift items too!

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Youll Shoot Your Eye Out
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You'll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid!
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