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Politically Correct Christmas Greetings To You, Jack-Hole!

New politically correct Christmas design speaks loudly of those that refuse to say "Merry Christmas"

It's the politically correct Christmas term you hear in almost any apartment store these days, "Happy Holidays!" No! It's not Holidays. It's Christmas and you better say 'Merry Christmas' bright and cheery or I'm taking my business elsewhere!

Many feel strongly about shopping outlets going "politically correct" with their Christmas Greetings and that's why we designed this beautiful typography shirt so that you can wear such sentiments proudly and in good taste. Well, as good a taste as you can get with the word "jack-hole" in the design.

This is a beautifully festive Christmas shirt design full of fun and spirit. Our Politically Correct Christmas shirts are available on many great styles and colors too.

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Politically Correct Christmas
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Politically Correct Christmas
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