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T-Shirts and gifts for fans of the hit television series Weeds
Unique Weeds t-shirt designs for the fans of the hit TV series "Weeds". Agrestic shirts, funny Weeds shirts that can only be found here at CuriousInkling.com
Weeds Candy
Weeds Candy
Very funny Weeds Fan shirt here. At the opening of every episode of Weeds there is a product parody scene where the familiar marijuana logo replaces the one expected. Very cool Weeds fan shirt.
Weeds Candy Shirt Weeds Shirt
Agrestic Hunt Club
Agrestic Hunt Club
In Showtime's hit television comedy/drama Weeds, season one episode three, "Good Shit Lollipop" young Shane Botwin takes it on himself to rid Agrestic of the mountain lion that's spread fear on the community. It's one of the most memorable shows of the season and makes for a great Weeds t-shirt!
Agrestic Hunt Club T-shirt Agrestic Hunt Club
Agrestic My Kind Of Town
Agrestic- My Kind Of Town
Gorgeous Weeds T-shirt featuring a beautiful sunflower design that's familiar to the Weeds promotional media seen throughout the years. It's a beautiful Weeds t-shirt with lots of cool autumn colors.
Agrestic My Kind Of Town Agrestic My Kind Of Town
Little Boxes T-shirt
The opening song to Weeds, Little Boxes, speaks of how American suburbia was built in the 60s with ticky-tacky or less than quality materials and how those living there all follow the same patterns. Makes a great Weeds shirt.
Ticky Tacky Shirt Ticky Tacky
Save A Toilet Shirt
Save A Toilet
Very funny t-shirt design featuring a line from the show where Uncle Andy teaches Shane a little about what to do with his man glue after he stuffs socks down the toilet. Hilarious shirt design for Weeds fans.
Save A Toilet T-shirt Save A Toilet T-shirt
Never Question Heylias Eyeballing
Heylia's Eyeballing
A hilarious t-shirt featuring a line from a favorite episode of Weeds. "Never question Heylia's eyeballing, that's the rainman of weed right there." Funny Weeds fan t-shirt design that looks really great too.
Never Question Heylias Eyeballing Never Question Heylias Eyeballing
Suburban Baroness of Bud
Suburban Baroness of Bud
Really beautiful Weeds fan shirt here. Nancy Botwin proclaimed herself the Suburban Baroness of Bud and that's exactly what she was. This is a really great design for any Weeds fan.
Suburban Baroness of Bud Suburban Baroness of Bud
Ticky Tacky Shirt
They're all made of Ticky Tacky
Beautiful autumn colors set this design ablaze in toasty oranges and deep sticky greens. Our Ticky Tacky design is a tribute to the opening song that played on the first few seasons of Weeds. It's a beautiful Weeds shirt.
Ticky Tacky Shirt Ticky Tacky Shirt
Save a Toilet Enjoy a Banana
Save A Toilet Enjoy A Banana
Very funny Weeds fan shirt spoofing the episode where Andy instructs Shane on the proper way to dispose of one's ejaculate. Toilets perish when stuffed with gooey socks, folks, Andy's remedy, a nice banana.
Save A Toilet Enjoy A Banana Save A Toilet Enjoy A Banana
Property of Agrestic High
Property of Agrestic High
Cool distressed Agrestic High School shirts. Great for Weeds fans our Agrestick High shirts look and feel terrific. Lots of different Weeds Shirts to choose from! Another unique Weeds Shirt by CuriousInkling.com.
Property of Agrestic High Shirts Property of Agrestic High tees
Agrestic Shirt
Agrestic Logo Shirt
Sweet design on this Agrestic t-shirt. Perfect for Weeds fan this Weeds t-shirt makes a great gift for fans of the show. It features a beautiful distressed lettering design in gorgeous colors that pop. One of our best Weeds shirts available.
Agrestic T-shirt Agrestic Shirt
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