Reservoir Dogs Shirt

Reservoir Dogs Shirt relives coolest dialog ever in a film. You gonna bark all day little doggy or are you gonna bite?

In our minds, Reservoir Dogs was just about the best film Quintin Tarantino directed. The gritty feel and realism of the movie is so gut wrenching and humorous that we can never tire of it.

We designed our Reservoir Dogs shirt to be a tribute to the film for fans like us. The illustration is of the scene where Vic Vega, AKA Mr. Blonde walks into the garage building after the ill-fated robbery and cooly handles himself under scrutiny. Michael Madsen knows how to play cool too.

Our Reservoir Dogs Shirt prints really great on any color or style shirt you choose so find the one you like best and get this great shirt for your collection.

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Reservoir Dogs Shirt
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