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It's Not PMS- It's YOU Puts The Blame Where It Belongs

Hilarious Bad Girl Tee With Tons Of Attitude And Appeal

Its Not PMS is a great shirt to set the record straight. It's not PMS that has you on a rampage from hell, it's because THEY are such idiots that they can't remember to lower the seat in the toilet saving you from a nasty butt-bath in a puddle of urine. Its not PMS, jerko...IT'S YOU!

Our Its Not PMS is a basic word design but with the familiar red dot associated with that time of the month and the words "It's You" centered right in the middle of it. Its Not PMS is a hilarious tee for bad girls with attitude and humor.

We have our Its Not PMS shirts available in lots of great colors and styles. You can get these great shirts for as low as $19.95. Its Not PMS for the funny bad girl with attitude.

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Its Not PMS
Not PMS $19.95 (11 colors) Adult T-shirt shirt Not PMS $21.95 (Gold) Adult T-shirt shirt Not PMS $22.95 (Lime) Ladies Baby Doll Tee shirt

Adult T-shirt (11 Colors)

Adult T-shirt (Gold)
Baby Doll Tee (Lime)
Not PMS $22.95 (Purple) Ladies Spaghetti Top shirt Not PMS $26.95 (3 colors) Ladies Melange Ringer shirt Not PMS $28.95 (Black) Ladies Petite shirt

Spaghetti Strap Tank (Purple)

Melange Ringer(3 colors)
Ladies Petite Tee (Black)
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