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Funny IRS Shirt Calls It As We See It

We aren't saying the IRS are thieves, lordy no!

Our IRS Shirt features a modified IRS logo with the eagle atop a smiley with a robbers mask and the slogan we feel is fitting for the Internal Revenue Service, We have what it takes to take what you have. Now we only hope that the good folks at the IRS can take a good joke and umm, forget who designed this shirt. It's all in fun anyhow, right? Heh...

Our funny IRS Shirt is available in lots of great shirt styles, sizes and colors.

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IRS Shirt Design
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IRS Shirt
Funny IRS T-shirt Adult White Value shirt IRS (Purple) Ladies Spaghetti shirt IRS Womens Raglan shirt

IRS Value Shirt

Purple Spaghetti Tank
IRS Ladies Raglan Shirt
IRS (7 colors) Adult Dark shirt IRS Two Toned Coffee Mug mug IRS (Lime) Ladies Baby Doll shirt

IRS Dark Shirts

Funny IRS Coffee Mug Lime Baby Doll Tee
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