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Ireland Shamrock t-shirts fit the bill for St. Patrick's Day celebrations

A blessing of shamrocks and the flag of Ireland in beautiful Irish colors.

The Ireland Shamrock has long been the symbol of the Irish and St. Patrick's Day. In fact it is said that the Ireland Shamrock was used by Saint Patrick himself to illustrate the doctrine of the Holy Trinity. The Government of Ireland also has registered the shamrock as it's trademark. So it's easy to see how important the Ireland Shamrock is to one of our most favorite holidays, St. Patrick's Day.

Our Ireland Shamrock design features the word "Ireland" in bold golden letters with a blessing of shamrocks adorning it's top. Beneath there is a beautiful Irish Flag framed by the shape of a shamrock in gorgeous Irish colors. The Ireland Shamrock design is certainly fetching and graceful with lots of eye-catching accents to draw attention. It's a perfect shirt designed specifically to wear to St. Patrick's Day events but can be worn throughout the year as well.

Our Ireland Shamrock t-shirts are available on a ton of beautiful shirt styles, colors and sizes for men, women and children. We also have a really nice Ireland Shamrock poster and a few collectible gifts as well in this design. Check them all out and be ready for St. Patrick's Day!

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Little known facts about St. Patrick's Day

 St. Patrick's given name was Maewyn Succat and he was born in Britain around 385 AD. At age 16 he was kidnapped by pirates and sold into slavery in Ireland. During his 6 years as a slave he turned to religion for solace. He escaped slavery and made his way to Gaul where he changed his name to Patrick and studied in the monastery under St. Germain.

It is believed that St. Patrick died on March 17th, the day that we now celebrate St. Patrick's Day. March 17th is also feast day in Ireland. 


Ireland Shamrock
Ireland Shamrock $16.95 Infant Tee shirt Ireland Shamrock $23.95 Frosted Glass Stein mug Ireland Shamrock $35.95 Hooded Sweatshirt shirt

Ireland Shamrock Infant Tee

Large Frosted Glass Stein
Adult Hoodie (unisex)
Ireland Shamrock $16.95 Adult Value T-shirt shirt Ireland Shamrock $27.95 Ladies Petite (black) shirt Ireland Shamrock $23.95 Ladies Organic shirt

Adult Value T-shirt (unisex)

Ladies Black Petite T-shirt
Irish Shamrock Ladies Organic
Ireland Shamrock $19.99 Adult Shirt shirt Ireland Shamrock $24.95 Adult Shirt shirt Ireland Shamrock $22.90 Baby Doll Tee shirt

Adult T-shirt (11 colors)

Adult Dark T-shirt (7 colors)
Ladies Green Baby Doll Tee
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