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He Wears The Pants Makes Note Of Who's Really The Boss

Very funny Bad Girl shirt for the woman in charge

We men like to know we are in charge of things. It's a desire that occurs naturally in us all, the need to know we are the masters of our domain. Still, it's pretty obvious in certain circumstances that there is a power above us that needs no fanfare or acknowledgment, she quietly awards her man the honors while keeping a firm grip on the zipper so that we should all know our place in the order of things.

Thus, to reveal this conspiracy of power, we created the He Wears The Pants design to, at least to some degree, give a tip of the hat to the woman who allows us our folly of masterdom.

He wears the pants is a very funny shirt designed with a fun and hip typography that stands out. We have several great colors and loads of styles featuring the He Wears The Pants design to choose from.

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He Wears The Pants
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Adult Value Tee (White)

Spaghetti Strap Tank (6 colors)
Adult T-shirt (Green)
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