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Dyslexic Shirt Is Not A Comedy Melon...I Mean Lemon

Hilarious t-shirt that is sure to get loads of laughs

Our Dyslexic Shirt design features a funny saying that can oly be appreciated after a little thought. It plays on the old saying that "If Life Hands You Lemons, Make Lemonade" but instead of lemons in our Dyslexic shirt we say Melons and that's where the joke comes out. It's a really funny t-shirt that has a lot of bang when folks get it.

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Dyslexic T-shirts
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Dyslexic Shirts
Might Be Dyslexic Adult White Value shirt Might Be Dyslexic (Stone Green) Adult shirt Might Be Dyslexic (4 colors) Womens Raglan shirt

Dyslexic Adult
Value Shirt

Dyslexic Adult
Stone Green Shirt
Womens Raglan
(4 colors to choose)
Might Be Dyslexic (7 colors) Adult Dark shirt Might Be Dyslexic (Lime) Adult shirt Might Be Dyslexic (11 col) American Apparel shirt

Dyslexic Adult Dark Shirts
(7 colors to choose from)

Dyslexic Adult Lime Green
American Apparel
(11 colors avail.)
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