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Cow Shirt

Funny Cow Shirt that will make you laugh. This is a hilarious cow shirt design and it looks great too!

Cows are majestic beasts but if you've ever got out and told a few jokes to one you will learn that cows have absolutely no sense of humor at all. They also don't think that cow tipping is much of a laugh either and well, any other practical jokes will earn you no laughs from the very serious cow.

Cow Shirt is a great twist on an old classic, "Cops never think it's as funny as you do" shirts you will find. Be unique and wear our Cow Shirt with pride knowing that you don't follow the pack.

Our Cow Shirt prints beautifully on either light or dark shirt materials and we have loads of great shirt styles and colors to choose from!

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Cow Shirt (Cows Never Think It's As Funny As You Do)
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