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Burn Baby Burn Earns Big Laughs For Chili Heads

If you see roasting chili peppers running for their lives, you've had too much capsaicin.

We say, Burn Baby Burn! Real pepper heads love the fresh flavor of chili peppers but it's the burn we crave the most. Taking a big bite into a freshly picked jalapeno or better yet a fiery orange habanero to be rewarded while the endorphin releasing hellfire explodes in our's a beautiful thing baby!

Burn Baby Burn features a humourous red chili pepper busting the scene with licks of fire trailing behind him. Above the funny art the words Burn Baby Burn smolder letting everyone know you take your peppers seriously.

Our new Burn Baby Burn shirt looks great on light or dark shirts and we have several to choose from for men and women. If you don't find a shirt you like, check out the gifts and decor we have available with this funny and appealing design.


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Burn Baby Burn
Burn Baby Burn $16.95 White Value T-shirt shirt Burn Baby Burn $23.95 (8 colors) Ladies Long Slv shirt Burn Baby $18.95 (11 colors) Truckers Hat hat

Burn Baby Burn Value Shirt

Womens Long Slv (8 colors)
Burn Baby Burn Truckers Hat
Burn Baby Burn $24.95 (7 colors) Dark T-shirt shirt Burn Baby $20.95 (5 Colors) Fitted Baby Doll Tee shirt Burn Baby Burn $19.95 (11 colors) Adult T-shirt shirt

Burn Baby Burn Dark Tee

Burn Baby Burn Baby Doll Tee
Burn Baby Burn T-shirt (11 Colors)
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