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Lincoln Says, Be Excellent To Each Other

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure features Abe Lincoln's advice on a hot new t-shirt

Be Excellent To Each Other! Good advise in today's volatile world and given back in the 80's hit comedy film, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Abe proclaims "Be excellent to each other...And, PARTY ON DUDES!" Oh, the joy of 80s comedy.

We fashioned our Be Excellent To Each Other shirts to reflect the umm, heh...important historical significance of this great film and to promote peace and understanding throughout the world. Well, okay, maybe our goals weren't quite so lofty but the design is quite appealing even still.

The Be Excellent To Each Other shirts are available in both light and dark colors and looks great in just about any t-shirt wearing situation. We have these shirts available in all sizes for men, women and children.

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Be excellent to each other
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