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Advantage Shirt...because, they hypnotise us, why not use them?

Very funny shirt design loaded with attitude and humor

Advantage Shirt says it simply but with grace. "I'll be using THESE to my advantage" We say why not use them. They are like tractor beams into our soul. We can't help but admire them and I don't care what kind of guy it is, if he hasn't checked 'em out at least once, he's not playing for the team we are.

Our Advantage Shirt features a cool weathered sports type design and it looks great on all the colors and styles we offer. Take advantage of our low priced American Apparel shirts available in ten colors. Advantage shirt is a great way to bring humor into the room and you have the right attitude that will make it work.

I'll be using THESE to my advantage, very funny saying on this sexy line of shirts.

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Advantage Shirt :: I'll Be Using THESE To My Advantage
Advantage $19.95 (11 colors) Adult T-shirt shirt Advantage $22.95 (LIme) Ladies Spaghetti Top shirt Advantage $22.95 (3 colors) Ladies Fitted L.S. shirt

Adult T-shirt (11 Colors)

Spaghetti Strap Tank (Lime)
Fitted Long Sleeve Tee (3 colors)
Advantage $24.95 (Yellow) American Apparel shirt Advantage $22.95 (Pink) Ladies Baby Doll Tee shirt Advantage $24.95 (7 colors) Adult Dark T-shirt shirt

American Apparel (Lemon)

Ladies Baby Doll Tee (Pink)
Adult Dark T-shirt (7 colors)
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