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Resistance Is Futile? Well of course it is...

100% heavy cotton Resistance is Futile shirts ready to hide your third nipple.

Resistance is Futile, well that is if less than one ohm, of course. But resistance is futile too if you are looking for a snazzy typography tee that can bring a smile to the brainy folk.

Our Resistance is Futile shirts are printed on top quality, name brand shirts you don't normally get at other t-shirt shopping outlets. You will feel the difference as the soft cotton massages down your back, trust us.

Resistance is Futile prints beautifully on either light or dark t-shirts and looks particularly good on black or dark shades of tees.

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Resistance is Futile
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We have tons of great merchandise featuring our Resistance is Futile design from t-shirts, sweatshirts to coffee mugs caps and buttons.

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