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Pacman Shirt Threatens Nightmares

Classic Pacman shirts are full of humor and colorful retro-gamer goodness

Pacman shirt designed to mimic the hungry pie-eating ghosts from the hit arcade classic. Remember the days when you would drop quarters into the goliath machine only to race your pie-faced character around a maze eating dots and running from the ghosts? Our Pacman shirt tributes this classic game and the hundreds of dollars we spent playing it.

Our Pacman design features four colorful pixelated Pacman ghosts above the words, "Can't sleep, the ghosts will eat me" It's a very funny tribute to the classic arcade game that helped to start it all.

Pacman shirts are available in men's, women's and kids shirts too. Pacman shirts print beautifully on either light or dark shirts and we have loads of styles and colors to choose from!

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