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Sick Biohazard Shirt for that post-apocalyptic look!

Our cool Biohazard shirts have been a favorite among gamers and sci-fi fans for a time now.

We figure that in a post-apoloclyptic world, all sorts of infectious or radiated slime will be the norm but that doesn't mean it can't look cool, right? Take our biohazard shirt for isnstance, we have two flavors for you, goo-laden infectious waste or acidy-green and both look really cool with the biohazard symbol carved out of the center of the design.

Our biohazard shirt is pefect for any sci-fi, horror or zombie geek you know. The artwork is just like something you would see in a dark post-apocalyptic video game or horror movie.

Our Biohazard shirt design looks great on either light or dark shirts and it prints beautifully on the merchandise we have available for it.

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Biohazard Shirt
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We have tons of great merchandise featuring our Biohazard Shirt design from t-shirts, sweatshirts to coffee mugs caps and buttons.

All our Biohazard t-shirts are printed on top quality, famous name brands.

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