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Everybody loves funny sayings and thats why funny words, quotes and phrases make such great shirts. They are icons of our generation, infused pop-culture hilarity all on your chest. Check these funny shirt ssayings out!

Carpe Bacon Revenge Is Sweeter With Sprinkles Zombie Eat Flesh
Carpe Bacon Revenge Is Sweeter With Sprinkles Funny Quote : Zombie Eat Flesh
IRS Shirt Everybody Chill I Found The Beer Don't Worry I Can Fix It Duct Tape Shirt
IRS We Have What It Takes To Take What You Have Everybody Chill, I Found The Beer Funny Saying :: Don't Worry I Can Fix It
Damn it feels good to be a gangsta shirt One Ring To Rule Them All I Heart Accuracy Shirt
Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta One Ring To Rule Them All Funny Sayings: I Heart Accuracy
I Taught Your Boyfriend That Thing You Like Wild Child Stop Following Me Shirt
I Taught Your Boyfriend That Thing You Like You Get None Of This : Very Funny Sayings Stop Following Me Funny Sayings
Cute But Psycho Pug Life Dont Hate Shirt
Funny Saying: Cute But Psycho Pug Life - Funny Saying Tee Don't Hate What You Can't Imitate
Resistance Is Futile Trouble Shirt Kraken Shirt
Resistance Is Futile Here Comes Trouble Funny Sayings Kraken Down On Piracy
Bad Girl T-shirts Funny Beer Shirts Respect The Mustache
Good Girl With Very Bad Tendencies This Beer Is Making Me Awesome Respect The Mustache Funny Sayings
Bad Girl T-shirt Paddle Faster I Hear Banjos Dyslexics Are Teople Poo
I'm Gonna Be A Very Bad Girl Paddle Faster I Hear Banjos Dyslexics Are Teople Poo
Funny Tech Support Shirt Be Excellent To Each Other Bow Down Shirt
Funny Tech Support Sayings Be Excellent To Each Other Sayings Bow Down - Humorous Saying Tee
Rather Be Naked He Wears The Pants Winnebago Man
I'll Be Using These To My Advantage He Wears The Pants Funny Sayings Acutrama Funny Sayings
Rather Be Naked Meh Shirt Its Not PMS
I'd Rather Be Naked Sayings Funny Meh. Sayings It's Not PMS It's You
To Err Is Human To Arr Is Pirate Pacman Shirt Mount and Do Me
To Err Is Human To Arr Is Pirate Can't Sleep, The Ghosts Will Get Me Mount And Do Me Sayings
Shocker T-shirt Clowns T-shirt Chillin' With My Gnomies
The Shocker :: Classic Sayings Can't Sleep Or The Clowns Will Get Me Chilin' With My Gnomies
Captain Awesome shirt I Shaved My Junk For This Shirt Beer Bear
Captain Awesome :: Funny Sayings I Shaved My Junk For This? Sayings Beer Bear Sayings
I Am Not A Book Nuttier Than A Squirrel Turd Plug Whore
I Am Not A Book Sayings Nuttier Than A Squirrel Turd Plug Whore Funny Sayings
Cracka Please Go To Hell Shirt Beaver Shirt
Cracka Please Sayings Go To Hell Sayings Beavers Love Wood Sayings
Bacon Shirt Hunter Thompson Tee Shirt Identity Crisis Shirt
Bacon, It's Like Meat Candy Sayings

Hunter Thompson Sayings

Moo...I'm A Donkey Sayings
Gnome Shirt Cow Shirt Violence Is The Answer
Comfortably Gnome Sayings Cows Never Think It's As Funny As You Do Sometimes Violence IS The Answer
I'm What Willis Was Talking About You Suck T-shirt Seinfeld Tee Shirt
I'm What Willis Was Talking About :: Vintage Sayings If At First You Don't Succeed Then Maybe You Just Suck Funny Seinfeld T-shirt Jerk Store Sayings
Annoy Strangers Shirt ADHD Shirt Facebook Shirt
Funny Annoy Strangers Saying Funny ADHD Shirt Saying You Like This Facebook Funny Saying
I tried it at home Gnome Tshirt Nobody Owes You Shirt
I Tried It At Home : Funny Saying Apparel Funny Gnome T-shirt Funny Nobody Owes You Shirt
It's All Fun And Games Voices Aren't Real Courage Wolf Shirt
It's All Fun And Games Until Someone Looses A Nut Even If The Voices Aren't Real, They Have Some Pretty Good Ideas Funny Courage Wolf Tshirt
Swingers Shirt Anchorman Shirts Awesome Shirt
Swingers Movie Shirt :: Your's So Money And You Don't Even Know It! Anchorman Shirts :: I Don't Know How To Tell You This But... I'm Kind Of A Big Deal Being This Awesome Has It's Advantages
Boats and Hoes Shirt I Smell Like Strippers Rage Guy Shirt
Boats And Hoes T-shirt From Step Brother Movie Funny Tees: I Smell Like Strippers Hilarious Rage Guy Internet Meme T-shirt
Im Not A Gynocologist Funny Saying T-shirt Sarcasm Shirt
I'm Not A Gynecologist But I'll Take A Look Funny Saying :: If You Want To Get Laid Crawl Up A Chickens Ass And Wait Sarcasm The Body's Natural Defense Against Stupid People
Problem Solved Shirt I Love Cows Hiphopopotamus Shirt
Women's Problem Solved Funny Saying : I Heart Cows Im The Mutha Flippin Hiphopopotamus
Funny Marriage Shirts I Slept With Tiger Don't Be Sexist
The Leading Cause Of Divorce : Funny Saying Shirts Funny Saying: I Slept With Tiger Don't Be Sexist, Bitches Hate That :: Hilarious Saying
Wrestling It Only Looks Gay Chris Farley Shirt Dumb & Dumber Shirt
Wrestling It Only Looks Gay :: Hilarious Saying I Wish You Could Just Shut Your Big Yapper! :: Humorous SNL Saying Mock Yeah Ing Yeah Bird Yeah Yeah Yeah :: Fun Dumb and Dumber Saying
Obscure Band Hungry Hippos T-shirt Anchorman Movie T-shirt Sex Panther
Obscure Band You Never Heard Of : Funny Saying Apparel Very Funny Saying : Honestly, I was never all that hungry hungry. Sex Panther Cologne From The Movie Anchorman Saying
Drop It Like It's Hot Science T Shirts  
Release It From Thine Clutches As Though Its Temperature Were Unbearable Science: Helping You Prove Others Are Dumb Saying  
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