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Pepper Head Shirts For Fans Of Hot Chili Peppers

Maniacal chili head belching flames is just hilarious and makes a fun pepper head shirt

Our Pepper Head shirts feature a very funny illustration of a chili head losing sanity at the heat of ingesting the best vegetable ever. The crazed look on this characters face makes this a great shirt by itself. Most pepper heads have experienced the lovely pain of a good pepper.

We have lots of great pepper head shirts available for men and women too. Also, if you know a pepper head you have found the place for a perfect gift.

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Pepper Head
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Pepper Head Shirt
Pepper Head $16.95 White Value shirt Pepper Head $23.95 Pink Petite shirt Pepper Head $26.95 Womens Raglan shirt

White Value Shirt

Pepper Head Pink Petite Tee
3/4 Sleeve Womens Raglan
Pepper Head (Many Dark Shirts From $24.95) shirt Pepper Head (Many womens styles from $20.95 ) shirt Pepper Head $19.95 (11 colors) Adult shirt

Many Styles of Dark Shirts
Starting @ $24.95

Lots Of Hot Womens Styles
From $20.95
Retro Chili T-shirt (11 Colors)
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