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Top Ten Funniest Shirts of The Year

Funny graphic t-shirts have always been our mainstay here at We take an uncommon approach to designing such t-shirts in that we design the funny shirts to look good so you will actually want to wear them. This Top Ten list is a compilation of our funniest t-shirts as per our customer responses and purchases so in a way it’s our Consumer’s Choice Award for us. We are proud to show you the ten funniest designs that made an impact on our customers here in this Top Ten Funniest Shirts of the Year. Whether it be hilarious meme designs or funny movie shirts, our top ten funniest shirts list is bound to have something you like.

10 Mount and Do Me
Mount and Do Me

An obvious play of words here to mimic a familiar soft drink brand, this t-shirt design has been a huge seller on our site for years. The humor is unavoidable and the design is so spot on that only a double take would allow someone to notice that you aren't necessarily a huge soda drinker but more likely a fan of carnal activities and hey, who isn't right?

The reactions that our customers get when wearing this shirt is what makes it so popular and it's why it starts out our top ten list of funniest shirts.

9 Courage Wolf
Courage Wolf Shirt

Courage Wolf has been a popular internet meme for quite a while and it really hasn't shown signs of slowing down in popularity. It's longevity is most likely attributed to that so many different varieties of the meme have been created on sites like 4chan.

The Courage Wolf shirts we've produced have been fantastically popular on the site. You can click the image to the left and see a few of the others we have available at the bottom of the page. They all are very humorous and it's why we placed Courage Wolf at number nine of our list of Top Ten Funniest Shirts.

8 Can't Sleep Or The Clowns Will Get Me
Clowns T-shirt

Clowns is one of our favorite shirts on the site. Mostly because clowns are truly evil and want to eat our souls but also because our customers seem to love it so much too. It's a very funny t-shirt and has been a favorite on our site for a quite a while.

So we proudly give you number eight on our Top Ten Funniest Shirts list, Can't Sleep or the Clowns Will Get Me!

7 Shut Your Big Yapper!
Chris Farley Shirt

We have always been HUGE fans of Chris Farley. During his stint with SNL he created some of the wildest, most memorable comedy moments in television history. His balls-out attack on humor never failed to send us to the floor in breathless laughing attacks. Our customers seem to feel the same way. This shirt is a huge favorite to our customers and for good reason, it's included in our list of top ten funniest shirts.

6 Paddle Faster I Hear Banjos
Paddle Faster I Hear Banjos

This very memorable shirt is an obvious throwback line to the still popular movie, "Deliverance." The visuals still make men shudder in horror as "Squeal boy!" rings in our heads. We've sold this shirt for years and it's always been our most popular tees on the site and is why it makes number six on our list of Top Ten Funniest Shirts.

5 "8 Jars" Baby Shirt
Funny Baby t-shirt

This very funny baby t-shirt was introduced this year in our line of baby clothes and the response we've received has been amazing! Obviously we should have introduced funny baby clothes a long time ago, we are still stunned by their popularity.

"8 Jars" is the top seller though and for good reason too. It's just full of terrific attitude and charm and it's why it takes our number five slot in our list of Top Ten Funniest Shirts.

4 Moo...I'm a Donkey
Identity Crisis Shirt

This is a fairly new shirt design that has just shot through the roof in sales and customer comments. We always get lots of great feedback from our customers but this shirt took the cake.

It really is a very funny t-shirt. The poor giraffe is obviously confused or has an identity crisis. The look on the giraffe's face is utterly hilarious and that's why it takes our number four spot in our list of Top Ten Funniest Shirts.

3 One Ring To Rule Them All
One Ring To Rule Them All

We are all Lord of the Rings fans here, we openly admit to our geeky inclinations but we had no idea so many others do the same! This is a pretty new shirt for us and the response has been nothing short of astounding!

Being the fast food junkies we are, we have seen the disturbing One Ring phenomenon time and time again in our order of fries. It's a mystical gift from the saints of fast food and the humor that goes with this shirt is why it takes spot number three on our list of Top Ten Funniest Shirts.

2 Der Humpink
Der Humpink

Definitely a huge hit on our site since we released it, Der Humpink is a hilarious Trololo spin-off that has practically became it's own meme and surpassed the Trololo meme. To see the hilarious video, click on the image. It's at the upper right corner of the page. Too funny!

Our customers have given raves over this design as it really captures the wild humor in the video and that's why it claims the number two spot on our Top Ten Funniest Tees list.

1 WRESTLING- It Only Looks Gay
Wrestling It Only Looks Gay

For several months our Wrestling It Only Looks Gay has been on top of the sales lists and for very good reason. The shirt is just absolutely hilarious and pretty much says what we are all thinking anyway. As far as sports go, wrestling is just way too much a contact sport for comfort.

This hilarious t-shirt proudly claims top dog on our list of Top Ten Funniest T-shirts!

Come back when you can! We will update our list of top ten funniest tops every month.
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Top Ten Funniest list from Our Top Ten Funniest tees listed in order of costomer response. Ten of our funniest designs listed from top to bottom from ten to one. This is our list of ten of our best selling, funniest designs.