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Hot t-shirts perfect for any chili head. These sexy shirts and gifts are ablaze with color and style. Hot pepper fanatics love the sensual colors and sexy designs of this chili pepper t-shirt line. Browse this page and find our featured items this month and if you want to delve deeper, check out the hot links to other pepper sites that are listed here.

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Hot Pepper Goddess T-Shirts
The Hot Pepper Goddess t-shirt is explosive with fiery color. Beautiful warm colors and smooth sexy lines define this very hot shirt design. A wonderful gift idea for chili pepper fans. HOT!
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Chile Master Shirts
Chili Pepper fans will love this colorful dragon illustrated pepper head t-shirt. Dragon is designed in powerful chile colors with style. A terrific gift for any chile fan or pepper chef on your list.
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Pepper Head T-Shirts
Ever ate a chili meaner that a junkyard dog? This t-shirt design features a cantankerous scotch bonnet chili illustration that’s ready to dish out some whoop ass. Brilliant colors and a very funny t shirt design makes this a must have shirt for chili pepper devotes.
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Try this cool chili pepper site for free recipes and more!
An ever growing database of free chilli recipes from around the world as well as chilli information, growing advice and much more. -
Hot One T Shirts
It’s the hot one! This t-shirt design features a sensuous fiery red chili pepper ready to rock your world. A perfect gift for those who love the heat!
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Capsaicin- Like It Hot
Capsaicin is the compound in chile peppers that make them feel hot when eaten. This tee design is luscious! Beautiful colors and awesome graphics make this tee design one to have!
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Habanero Goddess T-Shirts
A very sensuous Habanero Goddess t-shirt. This shirt captures the spirit and allure of chile peppers. It features a sexy goddess illustration bursting into golden flames. You will not believe how beautiful this shirt looks on you! I can't say it enough, amazing colors and design on this sexy tee!
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